Are you ready to be showered with only the newest news?  Wash your hair with it? Solve all your problems? At least we can solve your news problems! 
#back2YourBacklog is here!  Are you excited? Because we're excited! 
Lee has been on a movie buying binge. Kyle has been eating cake. We all know who's winning. 
We did it guys!  We reached 100 subscribers on YouTube and now we can give away some games! 
We're supposed to be reading the news to you.  But instead, we're going to torture you with stories about really good fish and chips... 
Impromptu event! Get your terrible games out of the way.  And spend September crying. 
Kyle has the best golf words.  He knows exactly how to golf. 
We have reached 300 episodes!  Let's rejoice! By insulting the other hosts of the podcast...