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Do we need Ski Free to be remastered, ray traced and re-released? Kyle thinks we do. How good would the 4-bit game look in 4K! You can’t deny you’d play it. We all would. And it would all the game awards. 

Fall Guys has knocked off Fortnite for the second week in a row! There is much rejoicing! 
How does XCloud Game Streaming work on the new Samsung TVs? And What TV do you even need? We break down all the steps it takes to get it working… And you may want to take notes. Spoiler alert: it’s not easy. But in some good news, it means you don’t need to wait for Xboxes to come back into stock. 

Kyle and Lee get way too much into tennis thanks to Match Point coming out and onto Game Pass on Day 1. We may just become The SportCast at the end of this! And for everyone that doesn’t really know much about tennis, be prepared to be educated. You’ll love our deep knowledge of the sport.  

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