Lee has been on a movie buying binge.
Kyle has been eating cake. We all know who’s winning. 

2K has decided to take a few games away. And was there any announcement? Or did they just delist them from the store? Without any fanfare, WWE 2K20 and older are disappearing from the stores, servers are being shut down, and 2K are trying to pull a jedi mind trick on all of us. What do you mean there was a WWE 2K19? You must be dreaming. Que the hand wave… 

No Man’s Sky is getting their 20th expansion! Endurance is leaning into the Star Trek vibes by overhauling freights and carriers and so many other things. You can now staff your freight fleet and send them on missions and are you ready to lose another week or more to this game? But with all these updates, where does Starfield find itself? Is there enough to differentiate the two? We maintain they are both different games, and the more people playing space games the better! 

We have a bunch of top tips of the week for you. But we need someone to sing this for us. Can you sing? We’d love to have you introduce Top Tip of The Week! Our top tips are not so much top tips as in more of a remember – your Xbox can do X. Isn’t that amazing! And in the good news part of the show – your Xbox is about to become faster. At least by 5 seconds faster! And they did it by shortening the startup animation. 

Did you get a $16 voucher from Xbox? Lee got one. Gary got one. Cooper got one.
Almost everyone but Kyle got one. It’s beginning to look personal. 

We’ll be at PAX! Will you be at PAX? Do you want to be at PAX? And do you want to meet us? 
Now is your chance! We may even have some sneaky stickers to give away… Speaking of stickers – check out our merch!

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