Breaking news: June is soon. It rhymes, so you know it’s true. 
Hey, we don’t make the rules. 

#BackToYourBacklog is kicking off in June, and we’re getting ourselves super excited about that. Not sure what that is? Well, we have a handy event’s page that will break it down for you. 

With E3 going away this year, it’s time for the Summer Game Fest. And it seems like this year might actually be the year it takes off. Xbox socials clapped back at Kotaku and it was great to see. Sometimes you just need to put the clickbait back where it belongs. Now we’ll wait for them to write a story about how terrible that Twitter ratio was.

No Man’s Sky got an update and made its way into the charts, which made Kyle’s heart very happy. And Game Pass is getting more games. Just a few games. Not many at all. EA is trying hard to sell itself off. Practically standing at the traffic lights with a sign reading “game publisher for $3.50” at this stage. Who do you want to buy EA, or should they spin off all their studios? 

And Ed Fries thinks Game Pass is not a great idea. Comparing it to Spotify which helped the music industry increase by 75% over the last few years. Yet, gaming and music listening are quite different… 

We’re going to be at the Xbox Fanfest Watch Party and then PAX Melbourne! So, if you’re a listener and hoped to meet us, well now if your chance! We may even have some stickers to give away… 

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