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If you have to think about it, you’ve already lost. 

Are you cleverer for playing video games? A study thinks games help with intelligence in the youths of today. However, Kyle disagrees. If you’re smart, you tend to not waste time on TV, and instead use your noggin to smash demons in the face in DOOM! 

Top Gun stuff has come to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, and it brings with it the super-secret SR-71 Darkstar! Now you can travel at Mach 10 in the upper stratosphere while your plane slowly glows all around you. And could this be the new multiplayer experience? Just have someone yelling at you about turning right! 

A game dev has come to bat for Xbox Game Pass. He is a massive Game Pass fan as a person who actually uses the service, and completely destroys the narrative that Game pass is bad for the industry. Not like Microsoft has been saying this since 2018… 

All this and more, including the charts, in this episode of #NuNews! 

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