The podcast is never early, nor is it late.
It arrives exactly when it means to. 

The charts aren’t remarkably interesting this week… Fortnite removes building-mode and stays the same. GTA V releases a next-gen version and… stays the same… Elden Ring and CyberPunk are slowly dropping off. Looks like we might be stuck in the doldrums after the recent excitement. 

Xbox is trying its hand at ‘Cloud Native’ games again after being burnt by Crackdown 3. But maybe they can focus on it this time and make it great. They certainly have found the right person with Kim Swift! Either way, we watch with interest. 

In some late breaking news, and confirming what we’ve been seeing for the past 3 years, and after confirming it multiple times, it’s now been confirmed, yet again, that Game Pass is profitable and good for the industry! 

And apparently there’s been a Game Pass leak too… A nice big Blizzard game in fact. Could this be a sign of things to come? 

And who is Ashley Burch? The name sounds familiar… 

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