Kyle has the best golf words. 
He knows exactly how to golf. 

Lee very patiently explains golf to Kyle as the podcast immediately goes off track. But were you expecting anything different? It’s not like you’re listening for Xbox news. Who would make such a rookie mistake! Come for the Xbox news, stay for the golf chat. If you become the next Tiger Woods, you can thank us later. 

The charts continue to surprise us as Fortnite has yet to reclaim its no.1 space. Unfortunately, GTA V is still hanging about. But we do have some new entries, which we shall watch with interest. Everyone is still slightly obsessed with Naraka, so we may begin covering more Naraka news. And we begin with their Fall Guys cross over event! Yes, you read that right – Fall Guys in Ninja Simulator 2022. Because of course! 

Skull & Bones is official, totally real and coming out soon! Set in the Indian Ocean, we have a wealth of news all about this game. You feed your boat and keep your private chums happy. Or they’ll mutiny! And we can’t have that. It messes with getting brunch. 

Xbox Cloud Gaming looks worse on Linux in a total non-surprise move. Who would have thought Microsoft Cloud Gaming would prefer Microsoft Edge on Microsoft Windows? Lucky for you, we have a way to work around it. But if you’re using Linux and listening to us, please let us know. We have some questions for you… 

For the new games, we have Power Wash Simulator! Thats it, we can all go home. Pack it up, it will never get better. 

We’ll be at PAX! Will you be at PAX? Do you want to be at PAX? And do you want to meet us? 
Now is your chance! We may even have some sneaky stickers to give away… Speaking of stickers – check out our merch!

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