Lee is now a professional dabber. 
He can dab with the best of them. And then call you an ambulance. 

We are taking a break from reading the news to you, to tell you all about the advances in First Aid! Who would have known that so much has changed? We certainly didn’t. The Heimlich Maneuver is out, and the back slap is in. At least now if you ever get into trouble, you can now call Lee. This should make you even more excited about meeting us later this year. 

Vin Diesel claims you’re not a true gamer if you’re not excited about Ark 2. We already know we aren’t real gamers here, so this is not exactly news to us… However, ole Vinnie D might have something to say about that as he does the dinosaur drift. You’ll soon be able to stream all the games you own on XCloud! Now that’s an advancement of some amazing tech, and we can’t wait for it. No longer will we be limited to the 1,000s of games on Game Pass. 

Starfield news is still coming out, and it brings back a beloved (maybe) feature from The Elder Scrolls 2. You can now start with a house and in crippling dept. Just like real life! Kinda… 

Bunnings now sells computers and game stuff. And it’s all Call of Duty branded. And has RGB, projectile lights, and other amazing gamery things. For when you want to build a deck and a game room at the same time! 

Samsung TV’s now have Xbox Game Pass built in. But you must buy the new 2022 models. And you can pair the Xbox Controller directly to the TV. But still – no Xbox required! The future truly has arrived! 

We’ll be at PAX! Will you be at PAX? Do you want to be at PAX? And do you want to meet us? 
Now is your chance! We may even have some sneaky stickers to give away… Speaking of stickers – check out our merch!

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