We’re supposed to be reading the news to you. 
But instead, we’re going to torture you with stories about really good fish and chips… 

The charts have not changed in a while, with Fall Guys still being number one… But something is creeping towards taking the number one spot. 

What game would you want to be remastered? Or a dormant IP that you want to come back? Well, we spend far too much time going over what games we want to see get the next-gen treatment or make a comeback. Total Annihilation needs to come back. No arguments! We’d be keen to hear what you think.
Obsidian’s Grounded is getting an animated series, and already has some big names attached to it. 

A feature on Xbox has still not made it to Windows PC’s and we nerd out explaining what it is and why. Kyle calls for Microsoft to break backwards-compat in Windows, and actually make a great OS. Lee is not so sure. But just think of what could happen if they decide to do it… If you like your Xbox podcasts with a lot of nerd and hardware tech talk, then this is for you! 

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