Impromptu event! Get your terrible games out of the way. 
And spend September crying. 

We’re thinking of a month where you play really bad games. One month of really bad games to get them off the backlog. Sad Game September is born! And we’ll promptly forget about it, so only participate if you want. Or remember. Or want to remind us all to suffer. 

Lee does not like Fall Guys. In fact, he thinks it’s a stupid game. We think it’s because he doesn’t win. But isn’t winning just the friends we made along the way? He’s also not a fan of Gears. Or Matchpoint Tennis. What does he like? Nobody knows… 

Kyle is still hunting for the perfect pants in CyberPunk. And he’s probably going to be stuck there for a while. But the best thing is all the mini-world building stories you find along the way. From rockers whose gigs when off the rails, to corpos trying to escape Night City and things going horribly wrong. But the good news is that they no longer need that hat. So… yoink! 

And the whole Cast is still neck deep in Naraka. Has it gotten harder? We seem to think so. Looks like the balancing act between PC and console was favored towards Xbox, and now it has swung the other way. Which brings an end to the amazing winning streak we had going. But that aside, we’re still playing and still Ninja Simulator-ing everywhere! 

We’ll be at PAX! Will you be at PAX? Do you want to be at PAX? And do you want to meet us? 
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