We’re going to Fanfest in Melbourne! 
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So far, we have stickers. And stickers. And more stickers! Get your merch now. 

Lee has played a game every day this past week… Someone needs to tell him to settle down. A few quick games and one broken Twitter later, Lee now sits at 45 games completed. He has no idea what happened. Look at him go, turning into our very own Achievement Hunter!  

Simone and Kyle have officially completed the story for Anthem – only 3 years later. We all mourn for what this game could have been. Beware of spoilers! And Simone is still hunting men in Maneater! She now has shiny teeth. We’re all very envious. 

Kyle is still going through CyberPunk 2077. Nothing quite like taking a game nice and slow and absorbing all the game has to offer. But it frustrates Lee. He just likes to shoot things. 

We’re going to be at PAX Melbourne! Do you want to get an XboxCast hug? Come up to us and do the floss!
Then we’ll know that you’re a listener. And you may get stickers, or merch, or maybe just the promise of merch… But who knows. We don’t remember half of what we say. 

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