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Pop cultured that is!

April brings with it the April Achievement Challenge! Are you ready? We’re going to need everyone’s help to take down Neomaster! For those that need some remembering, April is the month where we all get as much Gamer Score as possible, we all try get the most achievements and we attempt to take the most steps? 

We’re also doing a game give away! And you can enter. See, we’re kind like that… If you’re looking for details on how to enter, it’s all on our website right here. Basically, subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave a comment on any one of our videos! We’ll be drawing winners on #GameFace so make sure you tune in to see if you’ve won. We’re all rooting for you! 

#ParchMunk continues and we’re sad to see CyberPunk go. It’s such a good game and it’s been made even better with the next-gen patch. We may have been slightly obsessed… Lee has even managed to put in over 80 hours! Now that’s dedication. Kyle can’t stop buying clothes and guns and taking every screenshot known to man. Simone is sick trying to rescue Little Sisters in BioShock, and finding some of the challenges, well, challenging… 

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