The Lee and Simone takeover you’ve been wanting. 
Now can you all stop asking? Please? 

Slap bang in the middle of #backToYourBacklog, it’s time to see how the community is getting on. Who’s finished what and how are they getting on? Kingsman and Neomaster are neck and neck, completing five games each. And in the true spirit of #backToYourBacklog, some of these games have been on the backlog since 2011… Now that’s dedication. What will they play next June? 

Lee and Simone both have two story completions under their belt! Good going guys! 

Now tell us how far you’ve gotten for this month’s challenge. And jump into our Discord to share all your completions. 

We’ll be at PAX! Will you be at PAX? Do you want to be at PAX? And do you want to meet us? 
Now is your chance! We may even have some sneaky stickers to give away… Speaking of stickers – check out our merch!

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