The Xboxcast Presents: A Conversation With Rebekah

For our first special, we would like to introduce you to Rebekah.


Rebekah is a completionist. If a game has an end, Rebekah has seen it. Does it have achievements? She has them all. And she is an unashamed Xbox fan, which is an added bonus.


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Kyle: XarCrius on Twitter and Xbox

One Comment on “The Xboxcast Presents: A Conversation With Rebekah”

  1. I just discovered something else awesome about xbox. If you’re playing a game and using an app, and you need to jump to something else for a second, you can go back to your game/app which was safely suspended for you. As opposed to your show episode or typed url resetting back to the start because you left for bit.
    Was super cool talking about games while guesting. =)

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